One Last Thing Before I Go

One Last Thing Before I Go is hilarious.  Like Tropper’s exceptional last novel, This is Where I Leave You, it’s a heartfelt look at irreparable mistakes and damaged masculinity that balances its bleak circumstances with dark humor.”
Entertainment Weekly

“Tropper’s characters are likably zany and fallible, and perhaps more important, funny. One Last Thing Before I Go is a poignant story about facing death and celebrating life, even when things seem well beyond repair.”
The Daily Beast

“Tropper deftly explore(s) life and love, regret and second chances in middle age.”
Minneapolis Star Tribune

 “Jonathan Tropper displays his fine gift for dialogue …a sweet story about family and redemption”
St. Louis Post Dispatch

“Tropper’s latest novel, One Last Thing Before I Go, has all the qualities Tropper fans love about his previous novels, with new depth…Classic Tropper with a new twist.”
Seattle PostIntelligencer

“Eminently quotable, hilariously funny, and emotionally draining, this arresting tour de force will entertain well after the book is done.”
—Bette-Lee Fox; Library Journal

“Tropper is a master of the mid-life male coming-of-age story, and his latest is full of the charm and wit his readers cherish.”
Kristine Huntley; Booklist

  “Tropper entertainingly examines the angst of middle-age masculinity as he looks at Silver, a man both growing up and growing old.”
Kirkus Review