This is Where I Leave You

“[A] magnificently funny family saga…It’s amazing what can happen in the hands of the casually brilliant author. Tropper steadily ratchets up the multigenerational mayhem, often involving unwieldy lust or vociferous inter-sibling squabbling, with the calm authority of someone who knows his characters from deep within his kishkes – that’s Yiddish for “guts”… I urge with all my heart and kishkes: Read this one! Read and weep with laughter.” A
Lisa Schwartzbaum; Entertainment Weekly               (Click here for full review.)

“[A] smartly comic novel…Tropper goes on to introduce a darkly entertaining bunch of dysfunctional relatives…In assembling the book’s cast of characters, Tropper achieves a lively mix…Although Mr. Tropper’s dialogue here is fresh and fast, his book also has ballast.”
Janet Maslin; The New York Times              (Click here for full review)

“This is a beautiful novel about men — their lust and rage and sweetness. Read it.”
Carolyn SeeThe Washington Post                (Click here for full review)

“The gifted and funny Jonathan Tropper returns with the often side-splitting, mostly heartbreaking This Is Where I Leave You…real and harrowing – when it’s not hilarious.”
—USA Today                (Click here for full review.)

“…Often hilarious and often heartbreaking…Consistently surprising.  Tropper keeps the reader off balance by changing the allegiances between siblings and spouses, friends and enemies, lovers and losers, and the result is a novel that charms by allowing for messes, loose ends, and the reality that there’s only one sure ending for everyone.”
Tod Goldberg ; The Los Angeles Times               (Click here for full review.)

“Tropper has written a tender and unexpectedly hilarious take on the messiness of family life.”
— People Stylewatch

“The novel is artful and brilliant, filled with colorful narratives and witty dialogue…Tropper gives a genuine portrayal of marriage, sibling rancor, and the loss of a parent.  The subject matter is dismal at times, but Tropper…can find the funny in any situation.”
— Associated Press

“This Is Where I Leave You manages to be heartbreaking and side-splitting, often on the same page. Seven days with the wildly dysfunctional Foxmans results in an irresistable treatise on family at its worst and best.  This story is close to brilliant.”
—The Daily News

“You will probably laugh out loud quite a bit…Tropper distracts us from wondering how all this can possibly resolve itself through his genius observations.”
— Cleveland Plain Dealer 

“Tropper manages to craft a poignant story without a heavy hand, leaving space for laughter and revelation to exist alongside loss and regret.”
— Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Tropper’s triumph in this sly and sympathetic novel lies in making us care deeply about a group of people who, on the surface, aren’t especially likeable…The story of the Foxman family is messy, painful, funny, sad, and, in the end, oh so real.”

“A snappy and heartfelt family drama… The family’s interactions are sharp, raw, and often laugh-out-loud funny… Tropper strikes an excellent balance between the family history and its present-day fallout, proving his ability to create touchingly human characters and a deliciously pageturning story.”
—Publishers Weekly 

“[An] hilarious, testosterone driven thrill ride… Highly recommended for Tropper fans, who will rejoice at the opportunity to indulge; others will wonder where he’s been all their lives.”
—Library Journal (Starred Review)

“Tropper has covered this man-child territory before, but few can rival his poignant depictions of damaged men befuddled by the women they love.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Funny, sardonic, heartfelt, grappling with loss, and undeniably human—readers will be laughing through their tears…Jonathan Tropper is one of our bestselling authors.  This is Where I Leave You is to be at the top of our list when it lands.”
—Kathleen Caldwell, A Great Good Place for Books

“There’s nothing like a good crisis to bring a family together…tear them apart…and hopefully put them back together again…Tropper manages to combine great insights into characters and relationships with irreverent humor and a keen eye for the absurd…He treats the reader to unending revelations and good storytelling.”
—Rona Brinlee, The Book Mark

This is Where I Leave You is Tropper at his best…This colorful cast of characters, in-laws and well-meaning neighbors, each having their own issues, is thoroughly entertaining and laugh-out-loud funny…I cannot wait to introduce this new novel of his to our plethora of Tropper-loving customers!”
—Linda Grans, Lafayette Books

“Every one of Tropper’s books has made me laugh out loud.  Many times.  And This is Where I Leave You is no exception…The dialogue is perfect, the family unforgettable, and in the middle of the R-rated scenes there is a real beating heart.”
—Leslie Reiner, Inkwood Books

“You’ve got a big winner on your hands.  I think it’s his best book so far.”
—Roger Pantano, Book Passage